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On Going Volunteers

TGIJP needs your help! Are you interested in using your time and skills to advance towards trans liberation? Are you excited to follow Black trans leadership, formerly incarcerated trans leadership, revolutionary trans leadership? Can you be accountable to your commitments and honest with your growing edges? Then check out the various positions that we have available and see if you might be a good fit!

Ideal candidates are highly organized, independently motivated and excellent communicators. We are hoping for accountable, ongoing commitments and deeply value honesty in this process. Everyone’s energy is appreciated and formerly incarcerated trans women of color’s participation will be prioritized first, especially for roles that expand or develop skill sets. . Thank you all for your interest and energy! Together we can keep building power until trans people have safety and freedom, a day where there will be no more prisons or jails!

Please send a cover letter/ letter of interest and a little blurb about qualifications or your resume to

Stiletto Newsletter Editors

This position is a multi season commitment. You will be learning the process and working closely with a TGIJP staff member to drive the production of an issue of Stiletto, followed by the volunteer editor will driving the process, perhaps with an assistant or small volunteer team. There is a goal to train and explicitly pass to the next editor cycle. The goal is for the editor and editing team to build in working with and co-editing with member-leaders from TGIJP and corresponding with member-leaders inside prisons, jails and detention centers for content and leadership on the issue. As the editing team capacity increases potential to produce more than two issues can be considered.

Please email