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In February 2024 TGIJP Black Trans Cultural Center’s Co-Director, zy’aire was present at the largest reentry resource fair in the institution’s history with more than 1,000 incarcerated people participating and receive valuable life changing information and resources um your knowledge helpfulness and genuine concern helped each of the incarcerated persons fall in love with their future. Everyone is basking in the vast amount of opportunities that await them upon their release.
One of the most touching moments was when zy’aire overheard a young woman say that she is been, she was being released in two weeks, and was fearful where, where she was going, until she attended the reentry fair and found guidance.
TGIJP’s presence allowed transgender, gender variant, and intersex (TGI) people access to the information about the resources we provide for formerly incarcerated people.

This video can be found at this link where you can also read more about the resource fair here by clicking this link.

Our re-entry program plays a crucial role in helping transgender, gender variant, and intersex (TGI) individuals who have been incarcerated reintegrate back into society successfully. The programs provide support and resources to help with employment, housing, education, and mental health services, among other needs. By assisting individuals in overcoming the challenges they face upon release, re-entry work helps reduce the likelihood of recidivism, which refers to a relapse into the criminal justice system.

Moreover, re-entry work is important because it helps break the cycle of incarceration by providing opportunities for formerly incarcerated TGI people to lead productive lives and contribute positively to our communities. With your continued support, our re-entry program can make a significant impact on reintegration for formerly incarcerated individuals.