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The event featured the amazing Rowin and Rahrah Gabor, who discussed film, fashion, hip-hop, and the contributions Black Trans Women make to culture! The event was moderated by the brilliant Courtney.

About the panelists:

REAUXYN is a multi-dimensional artiste with an affinity for all praxis that encompass magick at its hearth. Emotional intelligence and intuitive thinking are her weapons of choice in the daily fight for freedom. Through her preferred medium of Music, REAUXYN advocates for all who are underrepresented in society. Striving consistently to incite and impact progressive change, she conjures a World that provides access and privilege to its very inhabitants. You can follow Reauxyn on Instagram and Twitter at @amonereaux.

Rahrah Gabor is a rapper & songwriter who’s summed up in a word. Unruly. She’s also an amalgam of all the things that makes unruly rappers great: critical presence, pointed and layered lyrics, hood savvy, a unique sense of style and an incorrigible self-possession that bucks at nay-sayers. Gabor harkens to the golden age of hip-hop channeling Lil Kim and Jadakiss though she isn’t a revivalist. Rahrah’s work explores her youth and her day-to-day life living in America at a zenith of trans visibility and in one of the many ways most people have yet to see. In her own words, she’s “hip hop’s Omar Little. Only prettier.” You can follow Rahrah Gabor on Instagram and Twitter at @rahrahgabor.

Courtney created her own dance company, called Masterz at Work. She also founded a youth driven Ballroom house in the Kiki scene called Juicy Couture and is a member of the House of Balenciaga . As an Iconic Founder & Ballroom Legend she continues her work in the Ballroom community, building & developing. You can follow Courtney on Instagram at @thebakedcookie.

This event was apart of TGI Justice and Black Women Radicals collaboration for Transgender Week of Awareness and Transgender Day of Remembrance. About TGI Justice x BWR Transgender Week of Awareness & TDOR Collaboration Annually between November 13-19th, countless around the world participate in Transgender Week of Awareness to help raise awareness and visibility about transgender people and to address issues members of the community face. Annually on November 20th is Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), which is an observance and commemoration that honors the memories and legacies of transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of transphobic violence. This year, TGI Justice Project and Black Women Radicals are teaming up to honor and celebrate Black trans women, girls, gender expansive people who have, are, and will always be at the forefront of radical movement building. Moreover, this collaboration commemorates Black transgender and gender expansive people whose lives have been lost due to transphobia, anti-Blackness, economic and socio-political injustices, and oppressions. This collaboration seeks to celebrate and commemorate Black trans lives today and everyday.